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5 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Hurricane Season

5 Ways to Prepare Your Yard for Hurricane Season

Is your yard ready for hurricane season? After stocking up on essentials, and preparing your storm panels, shutters or impact windows, examining your outdoor space is a great way to enjoy added peace of mind during summer storms.

Just read on as we share five easy ways to get your yard hurricane-ready.

Store away potential debris

Like many Sunshine State yards, yours may be home to potential debris like patio furniture, bikes, kids’ toys, lawn tools, potted plants and more. Even if there is not news of a storm, you can prepare to store these items away by clearing some space in your garage. After installing hurricane shutters, The Villages, FL residents can go the extra mile by safeguarding cars, trees, wild animals and, of course, their neighbors’ homes by making sure these objects are brought inside.  

Trim overhanging trees

Now is also the time to trim overhanging branches that may fall onto your home during high winds. (Except for small, low-to-the-ground plants, this is a job best left for professional tree care specialists.)

Check your gutters

Because hurricanes are typically accompanied by heavy rain, you will want to ensure that your property’s drainage systems are working well. You can check with your landscaping team to see if uneven terrain is causing water to pool on your yard, for example. Also be sure to check your gutter to see if it’s securely attached to your home, and if there are any blockages inside (from twigs and other debris) that are preventing water from coming through. Can’t tell? Don’t worry. For help with replacing their gutters, Leesburg homeowners can call White Aluminum & Windows The Villages today to schedule a free consultation.

Don’t drain your pool

It may seem wise to drain your pool before a storm, but this can actually cause structural problems. Instead, consult with your pool service team about “shocking” your pool with extra chlorine to keep the water clear of any contaminants from debris, and to see what other steps should be taken for your unique pool space.

Swap stone for shredded bark or mulch

When it comes to your landscape, it can be helpful to swap out stone and gravel for shredded bark or mulch during hurricane season. This will prevent the hard, stone pieces from being picked up as debris during high winds. Plus, mulch in Florida is often recommended to be replaced every fall, anyway, so if desired you can always switch back to your stone landscape when hurricane season is over in late November!

By following these tips, you are well on your way to enjoying peace of mind, indoors and out. For everything from storm protection to brand-new gutters, Leesburg, FL residents and those in the surrounding area can call White Aluminum & Windows The Villages. With more than 60 years of experience serving the Sunshine State’s home improvement needs, we are equipped to help with whatever you may need!

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