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The 4 Areas of Your Home Most at Risk During Hurricanes

The 4 Areas of Your Home Most at Risk During Hurricanes

From June through November, hurricanes are an undeniable part of life for Floridians. Each storm that makes landfall puts properties at risk of expensive damages. The growing rate of Atlantic storm activity shows no rate of slowing down, which is why preparing for these ferocious events is crucial for homeowners in The Villages. To best protect your home, you need to make sure that the four following areas are ready to handle wind speeds over 100 mph. Just read on to learn more!


Any opening into your home is at high risk when confronted with hurricane-force winds. Reinforcing these points of entry is a tough task but doing so is a mandatory safety precaution. Otherwise, if wind pressure is allowed into your home during a hurricane, it may have serious repercussions that even include tearing your roof off! Make sure to reinforce every doorway before a storm with bolts, new hinge attachment screws, or longer screws.


Just like doors, windows are a valuable point of protection during hurricanes. If they fail, then they can compromise the rest of your home with dangerous wind pressure as well as airborne glass. Windows need all the help they can get to withstand dangerous wind speeds. Fortunately, White Aluminum offers a wide array of impact-resistant window materials, as well as hurricane shutters that serve as a first line of defense against the elements outside.

Garage Doors

According to FEMA, compromised garage doors are one of the leading causes of storm damage in homes during a hurricane. These massive surfaces are tasked with enduring severe wind force and since they are so big, they take quite the beating. Hurricane-force winds can pull a garage door from its tracks or cause it to collapse from pressure. Look into hurricane bracing kits or heavier hinges to make sure that your garage door is up to snuff for the next hurricane.


As the highest point of your home, the roof bears the brunt of hurricane damage. Not only is it lashed with strong winds, but it also must endure impacts from projectiles like tree branches. As soon as the roof becomes compromised, then it puts the rest of the home at serious risk of further damages. If you live in an area susceptible to hurricanes, then you should absolutely consider installing connection braces and brackets to reinforce the existing structures and divert wind pressure away from your roof.

With this knowledge in hand, as well as a hurricane season that is already underway, the time is now to prepare for the next major storm. By investing a little time and money into storm security now, you are sure to save yourself on costly damages later. White Aluminum is your first choice for storm protection products. Give us a call today and ask about our inventory of hurricane shutters, impact windows, and other safety measures for homes in The Villages FL.

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