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Moving to Florida? What to Know About Storms

Moving to Florida? What to Know About Storms

When you make the move to Florida, you’re not just choosing to live in a subtropical escape – you’re also electing into the possibility of frequent storm activity. Apart from common showers and blanketing humidity, there is also the risk of an active hurricane season that occupies nearly half the year. Regardless of forecast or the last season’s activity, every Atlantic hurricane season puts homes in The Villages at risk of weather-related damage. Read through the following information to make sure you know everything there is to know to keep your home safe from inclement weather.

Don’t Panic, Prepare Instead

One of the greatest ways to keep your home and family safe during a major storm is by preparing well in advance. When you take the proper precautions ahead of time, then you can let your home stand its ground and weather the storm without needing to panic beforehand. Furthermore, flood insurance – one of your greatest assets during storm season – takes a month of coverage before it kicks in. Don’t save your storm preparation for the last minute.

Understand Hurricane Season

Knowledge is your shield against severe storm activity. Storm conditions can vary in their intensity, size, and even the angle at which tropical cyclones approach an area. Before severe storms make landfall, you are sure to be bombarded with information from forecasters, social media, and news outlets, so it is vital to understand what everyone is telling you. Whenever a storm watch is issued, carefully follow the directions of professionals.

Assemble Your Own Hurricane Kit

Sometimes, major storms may be so dangerous that evacuation is advised. In those instances, you will benefit from having a pre-assembled hurricane kit to grab and go quickly before everyone else evacuates. Likewise, hurricane kits will be handy in a pinch if you weather the storm at home and suffer a power outage. If you assemble your hurricane kit well before hurricane season, then you are sure to avoid the high demand for emergency supplies and you will have peace of mind that you are ready to handle severe weather.

Secure Your Home

Hurricane-force winds, storm surge, and flooding all pose a significant risk to households in The Villages. Even the most secure structures cannot be expected to withstand the full force of a category 5 hurricane. This is why home improvement is so important before storms arrive. Also, know the following ways to secure your home:

  • Cover all your windows in case of breaking
  • Secure the roof to the structure of your home with straps or clips
  • Trim all your trees and shrubs and clear rain gutters
  • Brace your garage doors
  • Bring inside or secure all your outdoor décor and furniture

Any storm can be destructive, no matter how well prepared you are. That is why it is so important to plan for the worst. Prepare ahead of time and listen to the direction of officials to learn the best approach for each respective storm. To learn more about home improvement in The Villages, reach out to White Aluminum! We offer a wide array of storm protection products and services, and we are happy to help you get your home ready for the season.

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