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Replacement Windows Leesburg: Our Guide to Year-Round Hurricane Preparedness

Replacement Windows Leesburg: Our Guide to Year-Round Hurricane Preparedness

From hurricane shutters to replacement windows Leesburg homeowners are always thinking of ways to protect their homes during hurricane season. But why only think about storm preparedness during the summer months? By thinking about hurricane preparedness in small steps all year long, you can achieve lasting peace of mind for your home and family! Just read on to see some of our top tips.

Have a plan in place

You don't need to wait for hurricane season to think about and sketch out your preparedness plan - in fact, it's better if you don't! By setting up a plan during calm weather, you'll have less to think about should it ever arise. Here are some elements you can consider in your plan...

  • Are you and your family in an evacuation zone? if so, where might you go during a storm?
  • Are there other family members, friends, neighbors or other folks you will want to check on before a storm? You might even ask them about their plans now for added peace of mind.
  • Do you have a boat or other large vehicle that will need to be secured before a storm?

These are just a few of the questions you might think about during the pre-pre-planning process! You can keep a running list of items to check on with your phone, for example, so it's less daunting should you ever need to use it.

Replace your windows for effortless storm prep

Get a jump on preparing your home's windows and doors for potential storms! We don't mean securing your space with shutters in calm weather, of course. For homeowners looking for long-term, storm-safe solutions, an effortless option we highly recommend is the installation of hurricane-resistant impact windows. This way, you are free to enjoy your summer (a.k.a. hurricane season) to the fullest. Whether you're traveling or relaxing at home, you can do so knowing that you won't need to scramble for shutters or supplies to fortify your exterior before the storm.

Stock up throughout the year

Speaking of "scrambling..."

No one likes to rush to the store for much-needed supplies, especially not when everyone else in the state is doing the same thing! Avoid shopping stress and long lines and stock up in small doses throughout the year. For example, you can add an extra case of bottled water to your biweekly shopping trip, or add a few prepackaged, non-perishable snacks to your cart when they're on sale. Same goes for batteries and flashlights! By bringing home these essential supplies throughout the year, you will ensure that your "hurricane stockpile" is always well-stocked, so you never have to rush to the store before a storm. If you have special requirements such as pet food, medication or other items, you'll want to remember those as well.

Enjoy a calmer news experience

This year, many of us have realized the importance of staying up-to-date with the news without letting it consume our minds all day! The same ideas holds true for hurricane season and tropical updates. Be nice to yourself and consume weather news sparingly - when you're prepared for the storms ahead, you won't need the news to remind you when it's time to spring into action because you'll already be covered.

Hurricane season may be a set period of time - but hurricane preparedness can happen all year long. We hope that these ideas help you achieve the confidence needed to navigate potential storms with ease! And be sure to let White Aluminum The Villages know how we can help you do exactly that - with storm shutters, replacement windows and other smart solutions you can count on.

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