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Additions to Your Villages Home Design for Severe Weather

Additions to Your Villages Home Design for Severe Weather

In The Villages, Florida, this time of year is an especially important time for homeowners to monitor the weather. Hurricane season runs rampant until November 30th, and homes in Florida are at risk of being exposed to severe weather. Each year, hurricanes cause around $34 billion in damage to U.S. households. Rather than adding to the statistic, take these proactive measures to protect your property from storm damage.

Install High-Impact Windows

Windows are one of the most vulnerable parts of a home during significant weather events. It’s important to have windows that are built to withstand wind speeds and projectiles traveling up to 150 miles per hour. In Florida, many coastal cities require newly built homes to include high-impact windows, but if your home does not already have them, then it may be worth it to invest. This way, your windows are much more likely to survive the chaotic events that transpire during extreme wind speeds.

Strengthen Your Roof

Roofing systems are at risk during major storms for multiple reasons. First, there is the obvious threat of projectiles striking the roof, or shingles getting blown off. However, what can also happen without proper protection is the roof getting blown clean off. This happens if extreme wind pressure gets inside a home, whether through a broken window or an opened door. Consider adding features like architectural shingles, hurricane clips, and more to strengthen your roof.

Reinforce Your Entry Points

Since garage doors are so large, they are also an area of high risk during a hurricane. If garage doors cannot withstand the wind speed of a hurricane, then they could be blown away from the garage opening, presenting a massive danger to the inside of your home. Storm protection products, such as garage door braces, can be added to your Villages home design to give your garage door an extra degree of reinforcement.

Secure Your HVAC System

A hurricane can inflict thousands of dollars of damage on any home’s HVAC system. Plus, if the air conditioning is damaged, then your indoor air quality may be compromised during and after a storm. Before any severe weather happens, be sure to remove any foliage from around the AC unit, schedule a professional maintenance inspection, and cool down your home as much as possible in case of a power outage. After a storm, always check your AC unit for visible damage. You should never turn the power on if there is standing water around the unit.

Enjoying life in The Villages means being at risk of hurricanes and other significant weather patterns. However, a little preparation can go a long way towards protecting your home, as well as the people inside of it. If you need help securing your home, then give White Aluminum a call today! We can help reinforce your windows, doors, garage door, and more to minimize the risk of damage from severe weather.

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