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5 Reasons to Spend More Time in Your Sunroom

5 Reasons to Spend More Time in Your Sunroom

As the seasons change and the light shifts, are you looking for more opportunities to soak up that Florida sunshine? When you’re one of the proud owners of amazing Florida sunrooms, the benefits you’ll enjoy in this added home space just go on and on! Whether you’re seeking out new and creative ideas on how to take advantage of your sunroom or are deciding if this feature of Villages home design is the right choice for your lifestyle, read on for a few ideas of how you might enjoy it to the fullest.

  1. Find a Change of Scenery

An added sunroom is one way to make your house feel even bigger. When you’re feeling cooped up indoors, walking into your sunroom can feel like stepping into a whole new world. Glass windows create access to amazing natural views that bring your trees, flowers, and other landscaping right into your décor. Plus, the stunning, bright natural light is the star of the show! When you need to shake things up – whether finding a brainstorming spot for a creative project or mixing up your morning routine – take a walk to your sunroom!

  1. Enjoy the Outdoors – in Any Weather

Florida weather can get unpredictable. Whether that means heat, humidity, sudden rainfall, or evening chills, making plans outdoors can sometimes be at the mercy of Mother Nature. Not to worry! Your sunroom is the perfect place to enjoy outdoor views – away from inclement weather or insects.

  1. Find a Simple and Effective Mood Boost

You might notice that getting outside just makes you feel better! This may have to do with serotonin – a hormone that is thought to be released when exposed to sunlight. It’s associated with this positive mood. Need an example of this effect? Well, you might notice a drop in your mood during the changing seasons, as less sunlight hours are available during the day. This is associated with seasonal affective disorder – a type of depression. Getting more sunlight (and taking advantage of your sunroom windows during daylight hours) could help improve your mood!

  1. Take Your Get-Togethers to the Next Level

Socialization is another key to improving your mood. Plus, your sunroom is the perfect place to host get-togethers! Set up a temporary table to turn this bright space into a tasty brunch party, or find the perfect setting for pre-dinner drinks during golden hour light. All of this can be enhanced with some comfortable furniture for lounging and conversation.

  1. Create an Escape from Stress

Forget the “man cave” or the “she shed.” When you’re looking for the ideal escape in your home, turn to your sunroom! Shake off the stress with lovely outdoor views. Natural light from custom windows provides the perfect break from artificial lighting or the glare or electronics screens. Instead, care for your favorite plants, lounge about and read a book, or even try meditating for mindfulness. For some daily calm, incorporate your sunroom into your routine – like enjoying the sunrise with your morning coffee.

If you’re not already enjoying your own sunroom, you’re missing out on an opportunity to reinvent your space. Find the best method to complement Villages home design and enhance your lifestyle with a high-quality sunroom. White Aluminum is ready to help – and to provide a free quote! Contact us today to learn more.

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