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What the Changing Seasons Mean for Your Windows

What the Changing Seasons Mean for Your Windows

The holidays are here, spirits are high, and our minds are all focused on family feasts, gifts, and enjoyable weather. With so much to look forward to, there is something else about this change in seasons that may reveal something about your home you’d rather not deal with. We’re talking about your windows, of course! Are you wondering if the time is right to replace your windows during this frigid season? Here are some of winter’s warning signs that Santa should bring you the gift of new windows this year!

Dealing With Drafts?

As all residents of The Villages know, it is hot year-round in Florida. However, from December to February, our state’s residents can enjoy a brief respite from the heat. What feels more like Christmas than cozying up inside while it’s finally cold for once? Old windows can quickly crash that dream. Faulty windows that suffer from compromised seals or warped frames can allow the warm air to escape your home, which will be replaced by the wintry cool. Rather than simply blocking leakages – this delays the problem rather than addressing it – you should install new windows!

Keep an Eye on Your Energy Bill

Even if faulty windows seem harmless most of the time, they can actually be having a slow but significant impact where you may not realize – your bank account! Old windows are much less effective at sealing your conditioned air inside and keeping the outdoor air outside. As more of your cozy air escapes, your HVAC system must work harder to keep your home warm, which means higher heating bills in the mail. Holding on to old windows might mean that you are wasting money without realizing it. That’s why we suggest investing in White Aluminum’s leading selection of replacement windows!

You Need More Natural Light

By now, you’ve surely noticed that the days get brighter earlier in the morning and darker sooner at night. That’s not going to change any time soon – in fact, it’s a staple of winter in Florida. If you were already getting poor natural light flow into your home, then it will only get worse at this time of year. And, since natural light improves mood, less of it could leave you feeling downright dreadful during the shorter days. Take advantage of White Aluminum’s custom windows and find the right solution to keep your home well lit during all daylight hours of the winter and year-round!

Now that you’re looking a bit closer at your windows, are you starting to recognize some of the problems mentioned above? Even if that’s the case, we have good news – a fix is easier than you may imagine! Start fresh with new window installation from White Aluminum. Simply give us a call today to learn more about our products and services.

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